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There are people who spend some time hunting and bird watching. These outdoor activities are usually needed much time and effort, especially when it comes to preparation of the tools or equipment that you need to bring. To name a few, you must bring your binoculars, bow and arrows and tactical knife. These tools or equipment is essential for the success of your outdoor activities.

Now, when it comes to binoculars, there are various types and designs of products available on the market. You may choose the usual hunting or bird watching binoculars. But, it could have been better if you are going to use the best-rangefinder binocular. It might be more expensive than the usual binoculars on the market, but it is more convenient to use when thinking about the ease of using it and when experience matters.

Rangefinder Binocular


Factors to Consider in Buying a Rangefinder Binocular

When buying a rangefinder binocular, you must consider some factors because these contributes to the durability, convenience and comfort of using the rangefinder binocular. These factors will be your basis for a great outdoor experience.


When you are looking at your target or object, it would great to have a larger and sufficient magnification, so that you can have a more visible and clear view of the image.

Lens Diameter

The lens helps in determining the magnification and the lights coming into the binoculars. It could have been better to have a larger diameter, so that it can work well in a low-light situation.

Waterproof Feature

It will be good to have a waterproof binocular, so that you can use it in a rain or shine condition. A waterproof rangefinder binocular protects the optics of the binocular.


There are rangefinder binoculars that weigh more than the others. If the weight matters to you, then you have to buy a binocular, where you will feel convenient and at ease when carrying it.


Curved ballistic is important because it aids in getting the proper data from the rangefinder binocular. It could have been better, if you can get a ballistic that you can customize. But, there are also binoculars that comewith adjustable or automatic ballistic.


An ergonomic design is also important because it affects the comfort and accuracy of the user. So, you better consider the buttons, the model or the design and dimensions of the best rangefinder binocular.


This is essential for those who go for bow hunting activities because the angles helps in projecting weight, distance reading and changing the distance.

Reviews of Rangefinder Binoculars

A wide range of products is available on the market today. So, we have here some of the best-rangefinder binoculars briefly reviewed for your reference. The list would help you find and buy the one that you need for your outdoor activities.

For your first option, we have here the Leica Geovid HD-B, which is ideal for hunting and target shooting activities. It comes with an automatic ballistic adjustments that fits the atmosphere and works fine, even on a sunny day. It has a target viewing of more than 1,500 yards and having a field view at 300 feet. It is designed with an open bridge unit with curved barrels for better gripping and handling.

Your second option is the Zeiss Victory RF. It comes with more than 1300 yards of maximum range at 90% accuracy. It is designed with beam divergence and clear fluoride glass optics for more than 1400 yards. It is constructed with large and easy-to-press buttons.

Rangefinder Binocular


We also have the Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile for the third option. This rangefinder binocular offers a 1 mile with more than 50% accuracy at its maximum range. It is designed for a more efficient and accurate viewing.

Lastly, we have the Swarovski EL Range. It comes with a SWARO-AIM system, which is very helpful in determining the shot angle and for compensating with short distance readings. It also has a Scan Mode feature that allows you to detect the distance from the moving object or target. This rangefinder binocular is also ideal in darker or dim surroundings. This accurate and precise binocular provides more than 1500 yards distance reading.

Rico and his group of friends do some outdoor activities from time to time. They climb the mountains, hunt and enjoys bird watching. For this reason, he came up with the idea of buying his own rangefinder binocular for a great adventure experience.”


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