Top List Of The Best Bow Backpack For Hunting

While you’re preparing your things for a hunting trip, the benefits of possessing a backpack made to carry your gun (either bow or rifle) isof great necessity. Unlike what happen in the past, we are living in an agewhere bags are being specifically manufactured to carry bows and rifles. This convenience makes it easier to bring gear while still bring on your weapon conveniently and easily to the hunt site.

In the previous time people had to develop creativity to bring all of their gear as well as their weapon with them. A compilation of rucksacks, army surplus bags, and bungee cords used to be considered a common thing to be seen with hunters.

The Best Bow Backpack


In that time you might not even afford to get a bag specifically made for hunting in any store. Now it’s harder and harder to be able to see a hunter without preparing any of these specialized packs. Most bags has something unique about its revolutionary frames that can easily expand as your hunt trip’s going on.

This article will introduce some of the best backpacks for hunting to guide you to make a better decision on which design to buy. The reviews will introduce the specifications and some personal reviews from real users on their hunting backpacks.

Real reviews about the top hunting backpacks


The design of Eberlestock M5 is so far in the top list of the best bow hunting packs due to its flexible nature. The M5 has a size at 3100 of cubic inches (51 litters) making it more than an average sized of backpack. The size and the capacity to easily arrange gear allow this to be a solid pack that can function many activities.

The most noticeable feature of this M5 design is the ability to carry built in bow. The carrier of the bow gives space for most bows and can flexibly be utilised as an extra space when not necessary.

The same principle is also true for the fold without a rifle scabbard, doubling in space when not in need. These useful space systems for containing of your weapons makes the M5the best backpacks for hunting in terms of extra space and arrangement.

In short, the Eberlestock M5 design is in the list of the best backpacks that offer extra storage andflexibility. Featured for many function, flexible, which is why it’s difficult to look through any bow backpack chart.


The Badlands 2200 design is a must-have backpack for professional hunters. It providesflexible size at 2200 of cubic inches. The interior frame of this bag is highly flexible, suitable for larger weapons and load.

This backpack starts to attract professional hunters by its hidden fabric shelf section for hunting game. This bag is able to be converted to a normal size of a daypack and then expanded easily as the hunt goes on.

Another minus point is the pockets designed on the belt are quite small to bring anything of big size. The benefits of this bag reduce a little bit because of this minus point and also because its design provide no outside pockets.

If you’re scheduling on a hunting trip and need to prepare things for your trip, the Badlands 2200 is a must-have if not the most necessarybackpack. The flexible nature of this backpack makes it worth buying.



The Traverse EPS design is the best backpack for hunting if you want a pure size. Designed at a 3300 cubic inches, it bears a strong interior frame to contain heavy things. This structure also enable to expand another addition of 1230 cu. in. of more space.

Hunters will also find this backpack attractive that the EPS possess a section of hauling that is also vented to avoid sweating. When this functionis not in use it can also be expanded as extra storage. Most buyers say that necessary items such as clothes or even tripods fit perfectly in this extra space.

In short the Alps Outdoorz Traverse EPS is an awesome backpack for huntingbecause it provides you worthy value of money.

If you want to possess a durable backpack that can contain weapons then you can’t miss up on having one of these 3 best backpacks. As well as general space provided, the Eberlestockmodel M5 is a reasonable choice. But if you’re planning to bringsomething from a hunting trip back as a souvenir then the 2 of flexible packs are certainly worth consideration.


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