Top famous places travel in Danang city

Vietnam is such an amazing place and many travelers from different parts of the world come to witness and explore its beauty. This only shows that Vietnam is famous because of the tourist attractions that they have. That is why those spots from all over Vietnam are preserved and taken care of in the interest of the many travelers, especially to those who are living because of these attractions. One of the most visited and famous place in Vietnam is Da Nang City, which you can find in the central part of Vietnam. It is between the eastern sea coast of Hanoi and the Ho Chi Minh City. You can choose styles: travel solo or book tour of company organized. As for Da Nang city we recomment this Da Nang tours.

Ba Na Hill

bana hillThe next famous spot in Da Nang is the Ba Na Hill Station that is located 40km west of Da Nang and approximately 45-minute drive. Ba Na is commonly known as the Da Lat or Sa Pa of central Vietnam. Ba Na was formerly a French resort, having 200 villas, clubs and restaurants in 1920s. Today Ba Na attracts local and the because of its unspoiled forest, good climate, views of the sea and mountains. Now, making use of cable systems and a Fantasy Park to attract more visitors.

Marble Mountains

Ngu Hanh SonAnother famous place to visit in Da Nang is the Marble Mountains or the Ngu Hang Son, which is very accessible because it is just 9km south of the town. Here, the mountains are named as the Mountain of Metal or Kim Son, the Mountain of Wood or Move Son, the Mountain of Water Thuy Son-the largest mountain among the group, the Mountain of Fire or the Hoa Son and the Mountain of Earth or Tho Son. Buddhist temples and grottoes are also found in the caves. You can also find here the Am Phu Cave, where you can climb up to the top of the mountain.

Cham Museum

Cham museumWhen you come to Da Nang, you will surely come and see the Cham Museum or the Bao Tang Cham. This place is famous for its wide collection of sculptures that even started during the Hindu-practicing Cham civilization of the 14th century. Here, the sculptures are made out of sandstones. You will find different figures of Shiva, lions, monkeys, elephants, garudas and nabad. You will also find Hindu icons of fertility, such as lingam altars. Those antique collections were kept properly that is why you can still appreciate its beauty and elegance.

Cham Island

Cham islandYou must be familiar with the famous Cham Island, which is a popular place to cruise, swim, sightseeing, snorkel and to eat fresh seafood. You may visit the Hai Tang Pagoda, buy some stuff at the Bai Lang market and swim on the Bai Ching or explore the coral reef. With those activities, you will surely have a relaxing day in this island.

The Da Nang City is full of beautiful and famous places that visitors must not miss when they come to Vietnam. It is not just history that was preserved, but also the beauty of the nature.


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