Tips for Day time and Night time Fishing

When it comes to fishing, you will do everything to have a successful day or night activity. Actually, you need some fishing tips sun and moon for a better experience. Because, pretty sure that you will not even think about going home without catching a single fish. Fishing can be your hobby because this outdoor activity gives much pleasure to many people who enjoys the beauty of water and the species in it. Let’s say that you are giving yourself a good treat when you are spending time on your boat, catching fish and sailing.

When you are already at the middle of the river or ocean, you would not even think about worrying. Though, it is not always that safe because water accidents also happen. But, that can be prevented by putting on safety gears. And of course, weather awareness. If you know that the weather is not good for fishing, then do not take the risk of doing it.

Tips for Day time and Night time Fishing


There are various tools and equipment that you must use when fishing. Aside from your fishing rods, you surely have various items in your tackle case, such as extra lines, hooks, bobbers, sinkers, lures, cutters or knife. And of course, do not forget to apply some sunscreen cream on your face or body, put on your life jacket hat and sunglasses. Not to forget, your first aid kit.

Maybe you would also like to use fish finders. A fish finder is an electronic equipment used for easy fish finding. The device is installed with various features and functions, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and transducers. It is designed with a screen displaying various graphs and images about your location, fish details, depth and water temperature. Thus, very helpful so that you will know if there is a fish in your spot.

Since you are very much interested in this outdoor activity. We have here some fishing tips sun and moon or day and night tips for you.

Day time FishingTips

Make sure the water is clear and the sun shines bright. With such good condition, it is good to use bright silver lures. There are fishing techniques that work best during the day.

  • The Bottom-Fishing is the simplest way of catching fish. You will have the chance to catch groupers, snappers and sea bream. Your fish finder will surely help.
  • Trolling is a way of catching big fishes, such as swordfish, tuna, and Kingfish that you can find on the topmost surface of the clear water. In this setup, you are fishing while your boat is moving.
  • The Fly Fishing is an ideal technique used when catching along the rivers and lakes to catch some trout or salmon. Here, you have to use a bait with your fishing rods and reels.
  • Jigging is another fishing technique popularized in Japan. Here, you have to use a metal reel and then, you drop it to the bottom. After that, you reel it going up and target the fish in the middle surface or the bottom. Some of the fishes that you might want to catch here are the rainbow runners, groupers, tuna, yellowtail and Amberjacks.
  • And then, we have the Spinning or the Casting style of fishing. This way is used when you are on your boat or even when you are on the shore. It simply means to cast your fishing rod away with a lure and then, reel it going back to your location. This technique usually comes with poppers or stick baits to make a splash.

Night Fishing Tips

Night fishing is popular because during this time various fish feeds and comes out in shallow water. This time is also a great advantage because baits will seem to be like a sediment. Night fishing might be dangerous, so, we have some tips here.

Tips for Day time and Night time Fishing


  • Set a fishing mark during the day and arrive there before night comes.
  • Prepare your LED light.
  • Put on warm type of clothing.
  • Do not forget your life jacket.
  • Bring your first aid kit.

Your fishing techniques during the night are limited because of the setting. But, you may still stick with the Trolling and Bottom Fishing. If you are confident enough to use the other techniques using your lures, reels and baits, then it’s good. To have good techniques on using fish finder , see more best fish finder here:

Jack likes fishing. He does this outdoor activity with his friends. They like experimenting and trying various fishing techniques. Their weekend fishing has turned out to be habitual. So, they would like to continue this activity in various conditions.”


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