The most beautiful beaches in the east Asia that cannot be ignored

When it comes to real relaxation with nature and having fun under the sun or even under the sea, it will always be the most beautiful beaches in Asia, where local and foreign visitors would love to spend time with. It is usually during the summer when many among those who are beach enthusiasts love to plan and spend their holiday. Summer is such a hot weather that is why many beach lovers would love to go to the beaches, play with water, have a swim and enjoy the beauty of the blue water.

When it comes to the most beautiful beaches in the Eastern part of Asia, you can name some of them from different countries like China, Japan and South Korea. Let us say that Asia has the most beautiful spots when it comes to beautiful beaches and once you have reached those destinations, you will surely promise yourself to spend another summer holiday on those beautiful beaches in Asia.

Yalong Bay

735-Yalong-Bay-Sanya-HainanOne of the best beaches in the eastern part of Asia is in China, which you may find in Sanya on the Hainan Island, is the Yalong Bay, which is also known as the, “Oriental Hawai.” You will surely come and enjoy the blue water and the soft white sand of the Yalong Bay. The beach is always crowded because it is open to public, but you will enjoy more staying on private beaches of the Yalong Bay.


Another beautiful beach which you may find in Sanya on the Hainan Island, is the Wuzhizhou Island and it is known as the very first Commercial Diving Spot in China and called as the, “Maldives of Chihna.” It is on Wuzhizhou Island, where you can enjoy your diving skills, explore and take photos under the sea.

The Beidaihe Scenic Area

The Beidaihe Scenic Area is also called as “The Government’s Summer Palace” and also known as, “The Mecca of Bird Watching.” You may find this beautiful spot in the southern part of Qinhuangdao City, in the province of Hebei in China.

The Gulangyu Beach

The Gulangyu Beach or also known as the, “Garden of the Sea” is found in the southeastern part of China and in the district of Siming, Xiamen and Fujian Province. It is also known as, “The Island of Music” and the “Piano Island” because it is an island full of leisure and having about 600 pianos.

The Haeundae Beach

beach china The Haeundae Beach is the most famous beach in Busan, South Korea. It is best to come and enjoy the beauty of the Haeundae Beach on the months of June to September. And you may also have a sneak at the Folk Square, where you can experience and enjoy Korea’s traditional games.

The Yonaha Maehama Beach

The Yonaha Maehama Beach is found in the islands of Okinawa and Miyako in Japan. You will surely enjoy the beauty of this landscape with white sand and having an emerald green color. This tropical island is the best spot for sunbathing in Japan. You may also enjoy different water sports like jet skiing and snorkeling.

The countries all over Asia and so in the eastern part of Asia are such very rich and blessed countries with the beauty of nature. Going to the beaches, especially on a hot summer day is everybody’s wish. And everybody will surely have a great time relaxing, swimming and exploring the beaches. Going to the beaches is not just for fun. It is a great way of finding peace in yourself, with your family and with your friends. You will always find the inner joy and happiness that will fulfill your holiday to the extent and beyond your imagination.


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