The best locations Picnic weekend in London

London is such a very rich and beautiful city. Anybody who wishes to come and visit London is in for a luxurious trip. But, who does not want to see and visit a country like England? Everybody knows that there are so many great and beautiful river spots in London and many different landmarks brought up by the Romans; so, it will surely be a great day spending time in London and it will always be a pleasure to reach and step in the beautiful place of London. And because of the many river spots in London, it will be best to find your place for a weekend picnic.

When it comes to a picnic, you can find the best spots in London. Simply bring your family and friends, grab a basket full of food to enjoy and do not forget to bring your blanket for you to set your best weekend picnic. This idea is such a great thing to do, especially spending time with your family or friends. Time is always a very important matter in every family and relationships, so it is a must because it is something that will keep you close to together.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is one of the best spots for a great weekend picnic. You can easily reach the Primrose Hill through the Camden Town underground and the Chalk Farm underground. Another thing is that the Primrose Hill is just next to the London Zoo, so it is another thing for you to consider. You may move around the London Zoo after a enjoying your picnic meal and enjoying the scenic view of the city.

You may also spend your weekend picnic at the Kew Gardens. You can easily reach the Kew Gardens through the Kew Garden Station, both the over ground and the underground. In the Kew Gardens, you can find an attractive botanical garden, and it is best to set up your picnic pack near the Bretford Gate.

Richmond Park

You must also set your picnic weekend at the Richmond Park. You can easily reach the Greenwich Park through the Richmond Underground. The Richmond Park is the largest park which spans about 2,500 acres; having a rich wildlife with different species.

Greenwich Park

You must not also miss to set your weekend picnic pack at the Greenwich Park. You may reach the Greenwich Park through the Cutty Sark. Being the oldest park is such a history, which spans about 183 acres. You may also come and visit the Greenwich Planetarium.

Crystal Palace Park

And at the Crystal Palace Park, you will enjoy your weekend picnic near the lake. You may also try to find time checking out on the dinosaur sculptures. You can easily reach the Crystal Palace Park through the Crystal Palace Overground.

Holland Park

Another park is the Holland Park, which you may reach through the Holland Park Underground. It is in the Holland Park, where you can find the Japanese Kyoto Garden spot, a different kind of experience for a weekend picnic.

You may easily reach the Horniman Museum through the Forest Hill Overground. The gardens around the Horniman Museum is one of the best spots for your weekend picnic.

You may also check out the Hampstead Heath, which you may reach through the Hampstead Heath Overground and Hampstead Underground. Here you can find the Kenwood House, where you may have a picnic in front. You may also enjoy swimming in the ponds.

You may reach the Victoria Park or the People’s Park through the Hackney Wick Overground, and in the Victoria Park, you may hire boats to ride.

And in the Battersea Park, you will find a Sub Tropical Garden, best for a relaxing picnic. You may reach the Battersea Park through the Overground.

There’s so many places to enjoy and relax, and we can find it through picnic spots in London.


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