1. Forestry Pro of Nikon

The advantages

As a testament to the flexibility and quality of the Forestry Pro of Nikon, golf players from all kinds of background paid a lot of compliment for this version. This device is favorable among golf player, hunter, environmental, scientist, forester, civil engineer and electrician as one of the best golf rangefinder for the money.

Many users said that they were doubtful about how precise this device would be, in term of the cost. Nevertheless, while using it in the golf course, they become soon contented and said that it is more than impressing. All the information are precise within a close distance, even at the maximum edge of the range.

When it comes to the cost, users are enjoyably amazed at the standard of Nikon Forestry Pro. It is one of the best versions among golf rangefinders these days, no matter which area you are planning to use it for.

The Disadvantages

One of the major drawbacks of the Forestry is that this tool could not record distance under 34 feet. A lot of those who assessed this one very recognized was the most complicated characteristic of Nikon Forestry Pro.

Some of the players who wear glasses also feel eye relief, especially on really bright days.

  1. Halo XRT6

The advantages

The recent price of a Halo XRT6 rangefinder is unexpectedly cheap for any players. Even though it is not rather as precise as other equipment, most players are enjoyably amazed at how effectively this device could perform in both golfing as well as hunting modes.

Most golf players also think that the scan mode is very helpful for varying a number of various things in a period of time. This mode seems more organized for a hunter rather than a golfer, but the power to rotate through the target would no doubt be helpful in both areas. The simple display and low price make this a good device for new golf players or simply a backup the primary golf rangefinder.

The disadvantages

Compared to other golf rangefinders that are more expensive, the Halo XRT6 version is inadequate for additional characteristics. Although this basic display could be attractive to a new player, those who have knowledge of using a golf rangefinder could want to buy a version with more whistle and bell.

  1. 8397 ACULON of Nikon

The advantages

Positive users (who are in the large majority) believe that this is one of the most precise golf rangefinders that they have bought. The people reviewing on this model consist of a varied group of users, from hunter, golfer to archer – many of them buy it for the flexibility. All of them find the lens fairly much perfect, and praise the great lifespan of the battery as well.

Golf players are also big lovers of the clear and sharp lens as well as the 6x magnification mode. Most claim that it works well, even in dark working conditions.

The compact but robust design is also very common, especially for a hunter. Apart from putting it in the bag, you could also wear it around your neck with the lanyard.

The disadvantages

The ACULON is especially suitable for a hunter than a golfer (although a lot of golf players have written positive reviews on this model). Compared to other types of golf rangefinder, the ACULON is measured to show the furthest thing among a number of things.

In conclusion, it is a little bit less comfortable than more costly versions. Nevertheless, as most golf courses are currently moving to prism, then you need ti have pretty good result.

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