12 famous dish in Japan must try once in a lifetime

Wherever we go around the world, there will always be dishes that we would love to try and eat. These foods made one place, a city or a country leave a mark in the hearts of many local and foreign visitors. And this mark will tell you to one day have a taste of that dish because those dishes are the best and the most popular dishes that those people are proud of. And if possible they would like that particular cuisine to move all over the world and reach everybody.

When it comes to foods that are getting well-known all over the world are the best dishes that Japanese people have served. Japanese foods are not simply having noodles or Japanese rice with dishes. If you can just have a taste of the Japanese cuisine, you might someday grab a chance to go to Japan and get to those Japanese restaurants just to have them for your meals. Once you have started eating Japanese dishes, you will surely look for them and you will enjoy eating them again and again.


Beautiful_98ee02_5476207If you ever come to visit the beauty of Japan, you should not fail to have a taste of the very famous Sushi. Maybe you are not used to eating raw fish, but Sushi is served with fresh raw fish on top of sticky vinegar-seasoned Japanese rice and rolled up using nori seaweed. Aside from raw fish, there are also other toppings used in Sushi like shrimps. Continue reading

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