Christmas and New Year in the United States

Come and engage in the celebrations to discover the American New Year traditions and luxuriate in the fun filled moments around the New Year eve. America will be of diversified culture with diverse ethnic background people.

You would take pleasure in the various traditions of New Year in the US. In the US, New Year can be a declared public holiday and many people are eagerly waits for the get-togethers.

You would be surprised to explore different American New Year traditions in which bring fireworks, parties, gifts and also musical events. New York could be the main attraction during the Holiday and New Year. You can expect people from all corners with the world joining to enjoy the gorgeous festive mood.

Gatherings and fun moments contain watching of championship football games inside the stadiums. The streets are crowded with youth and elderly people dressed fashionably to welcome the newest year with great joy.

The Times Square in the New York hosts several events which are hosted from the television superstar, Dick Clark. Numerous individuals love watching these programs broadcasted around the television with all their relatives and buddies. The streets are decorated together with lanterns, flashlights, and tinted papers. Flags are also adorned to state happiness. Giant vibrant colored electric oatmeal is lowered to the ground during the time when people start saying “Happy New Year”.

American New Year customs have become a colorful and entertaining event. You can have fun on the dance parties which is probably the major celebrations on New Year eve. At the stroke of midnight, everyone of the Americans shares kisses and communicate their New Year greetings. This tradition came available from the masked ball which usually symbolizes evil spirits. It is believed that whenever you kiss it wades over evil spirits and purifies the newest beginning.

With the change regarding celebrating ways people have modified this tradition. They honk car horns to state the announcement of New Year party time. People blow paper blowers and whistles which can be a very exciting way of hoping happy New Year!

In America, it is believed that black-eyed beans have become lucky. It is American custom on New Year to get ready special dinner with different cuisines to assemble for family feasts.In Asian countries like China, Vietnam, they welcome Lunar New Year instead New Year.

A special soul food with rice which can be popularly called Hoppin’ John will be consumed with black eyed espresso beans. During the party people furthermore, have cakes and champagne which can be considered very auspicious.

In South America, New Year is known since ‘Ano Viejo’. People create fake person or dummies and it’s also placed outside the home. This scarecrow looking toy is filled with waste papers and firecrackers. The dummy is dressed like human and it’s also believed that this symbolized a year ago. Continue reading

Choose The Best Fitting Motorcycle Helmet

For a true rider, looking for the best motorcycle helmet becomes much more important because it provides your head an entire protection, but it also highlights his personality. Above all, the vital role of a helmet is to offer the safety. Every motorcyclists has to acknowledge that the extent of injuries from a small crash could be life threatening. That is why most recommend that you should not buy a motorcycle helmet with only the appearance and price in mind. A good advice is to choose the one that best fitting and most highly rated that you can afford.

The first step in any purchase is to do your research. You can search on the Internet and locate several perspective helmet styles that most interest you. There are three major types of motorcycle helmets currently on the market, including full-face coverage, open face and half helmets. The first mentioned one is most well-known for its greatest protection of your head, chin and eyes, while the two others could offer the less level of protection when riding.

Then you will determine your helmet fit according to a head circumference measurement. Here are some essential aspects in order for you to select the correct motorcycle helmet.

  1. Shape

Many helmet size guides start the buyers with finding a helmet by first measuring their helmet size, but a far more important factor to consider is determining helmet shape. The shape of a helmet depends on the rider’s head shape. Below is depiction of human head shapes that is pictured from front or back of the head.

  • Oval – normally called Long Oval. With this shape, the head is longer front-to-back (from forehead to back of the skull) than side-to-side (from ear to ear).
  • Round – this head shape is almost identical front-to-back as well as side-to-side measurement.
  • Egg – or Intermediate Oval, the egg-shaped head is usually broader at the top and smaller at the bottom.

Helmet manufacturers on the current market offer two types of helmet’s internal shape for different tastes of purchasers: lower end helmets and higher end helmets, with the former known for a generic shape that can fit almost all of the wearers, and the latter is specifically designed to fit specified head shapes.

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Safety Precautions While Riding Your Bike

Riding a bike is a great source of entertainment as well as a cheap way for everyday communication. As there is many other traffic available on the road, you should be cautious about your bike commuting. Make sure your bike fits according to your height and you feel comfortable with it.


Five Things You Should Consider
As a safety precaution, you should look for the following five elements and make sure they are appropriate for you. The five major precautionary points are:

  • Frame Size
  • Saddle Height
  • Seat Position
  • Seat Tilting
  • Handlebar Position.
    Let’s have a brief discussion to understand why these points are so important for a safe bike ride.

1.Frame Size Should Be Appropriate
Frame is the basic body of your bike and you cannot upgrade or alter these components so easily. The size of the frame depends much on the length of your legs. When you sit on the saddle, make sure both your feet are touching the ground flat.


(The best hybrid bikes always suitable for many people)

Again, if you ride a road bike, the distance between your crotch and top tube should be around 2/3 inches. In case of riding a mountain bike, the distance should be more. The distance should be reduced when you go down with a downhill track as the lower seat post will allow you much control. Continue reading

Pros and cons of fish finders

Originally designed for the US Navy to identify submarines under the oceans, Sonar products have become more familiar to professional fishers. They utilize fish finder to locate their targets for the purpose of fishing more efficiently. When buying a fish finder, you need to pay extreme attention to 4 parts: transmitter, transducer, receiver and display screen. These factors will decide which product can benefit you the most.

To ensure that you choose the right one, you should consult fish finder reviews online to get some ideas. All fish finders will have the same technical process of running. Transducer receives electrical impulse in the form of sound wave sent from the transmitter. The sound wave then is emitted, and transducer collects the echo when wave bounds off underwater objects, like fish. Finally, transducer transforms the wave signal to the image you see on the screen. By scanning all through those reviews, you can receive some effective response on each fish finder’s parts to remove your doubt.

Due to enormous advancement in technology, various sophisticated fish finders are produced. However, you may sort them into two categories:

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The famous tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the busiest cities in the country of Vietnam. Many tourists from different countries and visitors from neighboring cities come and fill the crowd in the southern part of Vietnam, which is the Ho Chi Minh City or commonly known to many people as Saigon. Aside from going to markets for shopping beautiful and creative souvenirs and having a taste of the best Vietnam delicacies; people come and visit Ho Chi Minh City because of the amazing architecture that French colonists have brought up during the Vietnam Wars.

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City is the War Remnant Museum, which is also called as the, “Museum of American War Crime,” but later on recognized by the United Nations as the, “Museum for Peace.” Sometimes, it is very important for tourists to also have a knowledge and understanding about the history of any place where you are going. Visiting the War Remnant Museum will make you feel how it feels like to be in a war, especially during the Vietnam War. You can find different photos, battle equipment and transportation used by the Americans. And of course do not fail to come and see the Cu Chi Tunnel, which is an underground tunnel where you can find relics during the Vietnam War.

Ho Chi Minh city tour

There are many tour here, you can also travel organize themselves or can choose a Ho Chi Minh city tour from local companies. And I recommend a private tour make sure you choose will have a wonderful experience.

The next spot that tourists should not miss to visit the Ho Chi Minh City is the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was built on the highest spot in the city. The height of this church is over 57 meters.  The Notre Dame Cathedral is a very good example of French architecture where all materials used to build the cathedral are all coming from France. With the cathedral built on the Ho Chi Minh City, it shows that Vietnam has freedom when it comes to religions, and so everybody respects this place as holy and as part of the Vietnamese history. And do not fail to visit the Central Post Office, also architecture from French colonization, which is just adjacent to the Notre Dame Cathedral.   Continue reading

Top 10 cities most popular tourist attraction Southeast Asia

There are so many countries to visit around the world, but it is in the Southeast Asian countries where you can find so many beautiful tourist attractions to explore that every traveler should not miss to see. Southeast Asia is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean that is why many among backpackers love to go to the Southeast Asian countries because of the beautiful beaches, delicious foods, and it is quite cheaper when it comes to accommodation and transportation than in other countries.

Angkor Wat

angkor-wat campudia  Going to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap in Cambodia is a place that you should not fail to visit. It is said that the Angkor Wat Temple is the biggest religious architecture in the world. So if you ever want to come to Cambodia, then do not fail to check out what’s with the Angkor Wat.

Petronas Twin Towers

You must not miss the Petronas Twin Towers for its great cosmopolitan architecture if you would like to come and visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is in Malaysia where you can have a taste of ethnic delicacies from the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. Aside from that it is in Malaysia where you can other architectural sites like the Golden Triangle and the Petaling Street. Continue reading

Traveling by Open bus in Vietnam

Vietnam is always a favorite spot in the Southeast Asia for many travelers from different countries around the world. Vietnam is a country that is full of amazing and great examples of architecture brought by the French colonization. Not only that, Vietnam is rich in natural resources and you can enjoy having a ride on the boats along the Mekong River. And it is on this river of Mekong, where floating markets are found and this is where trade and business industry happens. Vietnam has also a lot to offer when it comes to native delicacies.

When a person is about to travel, he always thinks about his convenience. One of the things that a traveler thinks about is the transportation that he will use in reaching his destination. Moving from one spot to another spot is not that easy. The trip will always be tiring if you do not have a comfortable means of transportation. Luckily, in Vietnam, open buses are available for many local and foreign tourists, especially going to the most visited cities in Vietnam like the Ho Chi Minh City.

And if you are going to check out your fare with the open bus tours in Vietnam, it will be cheaper than any other means of transportation. Now, the transportation expenses that you will pay depends on the tour or packages available. It will usually cost from US$15 to US$90.

open bus vietnam

If you are going to ask tourists who had an experience on how it feels like to be on an open bus tour. They will surely feel great to recommend them to you because with the open bus tours in Vietnam, you will feel comfortable on the buses. You have your comfortable seat, you can stretch out your legs freely and you can have a good sleep inside the air conditioned buses. You will feel like you are a very important person or a V.I.P. and you will really feel great about the best treatment. Continue reading

The most beautiful beaches in the east Asia that cannot be ignored

When it comes to real relaxation with nature and having fun under the sun or even under the sea, it will always be the most beautiful beaches in Asia, where local and foreign visitors would love to spend time with. It is usually during the summer when many among those who are beach enthusiasts love to plan and spend their holiday. Summer is such a hot weather that is why many beach lovers would love to go to the beaches, play with water, have a swim and enjoy the beauty of the blue water.

When it comes to the most beautiful beaches in the Eastern part of Asia, you can name some of them from different countries like China, Japan and South Korea. Let us say that Asia has the most beautiful spots when it comes to beautiful beaches and once you have reached those destinations, you will surely promise yourself to spend another summer holiday on those beautiful beaches in Asia.

Yalong Bay

735-Yalong-Bay-Sanya-HainanOne of the best beaches in the eastern part of Asia is in China, which you may find in Sanya on the Hainan Island, is the Yalong Bay, which is also known as the, “Oriental Hawai.” You will surely come and enjoy the blue water and the soft white sand of the Yalong Bay. The beach is always crowded because it is open to public, but you will enjoy more staying on private beaches of the Yalong Bay. Continue reading

The best bike for the terrain tourism

When it comes to touring, using a bicycle or bike is great because cycling is not just for sports, it is also a good way to exercise for one’s health. So, it is like a multi-purpose function because you are not just enjoying the ride and exploring the place, but you are also doing something good for the body. And when it comes to traveling expenses, of course you won’t need to pay for transportation buses or cars, you will not also need to spend for fuel. All you need to do is hire a bike that will suit best for your trip.

When it comes to the bikes that you are going to use for your grand tour along the mountains, or hills; you have to choose the best one that fits your needs, satisfaction and convenience. If you are going to use a bike in a terrain tour, of course you must not bring the heavy load of things and accessories; or else it might be too heavy for a bike to carry you and your luggage. So you have to just choose what you need to bring, clothes that depends on the climate, food and drink, first aid kit, flashlight and even an extra tire or tools to fix a bike is important.

If you are going to consider a bike for your bike tour, then you have to consider the terrain where you will be on. It is very important to know the place because you have to check the type of bike that you will use. If you need to have a heavy load then it’s like you are going to yank a trailer. You also need to select the type of the handle that is convenient for you to use because you need to control your bike since you are the one riding on it. Continue reading