Overview of Survival Machetes

Choosing a Machete

What are these machetes for anyway? Well, whenever you go to the forest or any mountainous area, it is good to have such tool. You can use it in various ways. They say that this can even save your life and will help you survive when you look like an ant under those big trees in the forest. You can use this machete to cut down trees, bushes and protect you from wild animals. But, for how long will this machete accompany you? That will depend on how durable and strong the machete is. The power of your survival machete will always depend on its blade. There are also various shapes and sizes for machetes. So, which one do you need? When it comes to survival, how will you know which one you will depend on?


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If you are thinking about slicing, you must choose the one with a very thin edge and the one that has a substantial curve when it comes to the cutting edge. The slicing machete must have a good material, narrow and must be long enough while you are focused in one direction.
For chopping, the machete must be heavy and thick. To hold the blows when chopping, and the edge spatial shape must be thick.
When piercing, the machete blade must be narrow in the cross section that is near the tip. It is a must to have a thicker and wider length. The point of the blade must have an excellent sharpness.

The best survival machete

When it comes to the best survival machete, the one that you need is the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri. This is an excellent survival machete, though it is fairly short and reasonably heavy. This is a cutting tool for tree branches, also good for clearing campsites and chopping weeds. It has a Kukri blade shape with a 20 degree angle, made of a 1085 carbon steel, a hollow grind, the blade length is 11.5 inches, overall length is 17 inches and has a Kraton G handle. It is a perfect and the best survival machete that you can use.

The best machete

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Hope you have learned something about the survival machetes. Always keep safe when you go to the forest and be prepared. Bring your tools and you will be fine.

The Blade Shapes

Blade Shapes

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Do shape matters? Yes, because it will determine the type of machete that you need. Some of the common shapes are the straight-back, the three-way, the deep belly, the back-swept chisel tip, downward curving, the one with completely curved tip, a straight-edge with an inclined pointed downward and a sharp tip.

The Blade Steel

Blade steel

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To know if the machete is effective, it must have a good material, so that it will be good enough during a survival situation. Your blade must have the resistance, the corrosion resistance, the edge retention, the initial sharpness, ductility, the strength and hardness. Blade steels are usually made of a high carbon stainless steel, a stainless steel or a carbon steel.

Types of Survival Machete

The Bush Machete is a multipurpose tool for cutting. It has a normal and a straight-back blade. It is a tool for chopping and clearing bushes.
Next is the Kukri Machete, which has blade parts, namely, the narrow edge, for whistling or carving; the wide mid-section, for chopping; and the pointed tip, for stabbing.
Then, the Panga Machete is a popular weapon and a cutting tool that is more than 20 inches with thick and sturdy handles, but are comfortable to use.

Machete styles

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The Tapanga Machete is a cutting tool that has a back-swept chisel tip and with an ergonomic grip handle.
The Hawkbill Machete has a downward curving blade that makes it the best survival cutting tool. It has a downward facing point that is perfect for piercing. It has a wooden handle with three rivets.
We also have the versatile Billhook Machete, which has a curved tip. This type of machete is made from a medium-carbon steel.
For the Sax Machete, it is used as a survival cutting tool that has a straight edge blade and has a sheepsfoot spine. It can also be used for smashing, chopping and slashing.
Lastly, the heavy-duty Spear Point Machete that has a tip with a sharp point. This is best when you are out in the bushes and you need some self-defense.

Jack had been into hiking and camping in the forest and he always thinks about how he can survive when unexpected things happen. He looked for tools that he must carry to protect himself and his companions. He finds out about this machete, which now, he always carries every time he goes to the forest with his friends for camping.”


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