Osprey Poco Plus A Best Baby Hiking Backpack Review

Are you planning for outdoor hiking? Do you have any new born baby? Then, the mothers will face problem to plan for going hiking with the baby. However, this can be possible if you have Osprey Poco Plus baby hiking backpack.


This is an outstanding qualified backpack that offers ventilated space for carrying your baby in your back as well as a good packing space. Therefore, this will be quite easy for you to enjoy the outdoor activates although your baby is too small. Now we are going to present you a detailed baby hiking backpack review so that you can easily determine the quality and essentiality of it.

Specifications of Best Baby Hiking Backpack

Before going to know the positive and negative aspects of a particular backpack, you should know the features and specifications. Therefore, let’s have a short specification to get an overall idea about the backpack.

  • Measures: 13 by 27 by 12 inches
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Design perfectly for ventilated perfectly for baby
  • The back panel size is suitable for all ages of parents
  • The shoulder harness points are adjustable and fit to body
  • The large compartment is for your packing
  • The small zipper pockets are for baby accessories
  • The baby carrier area is fully padded and comfortable for any person



Whenever you will look at the advantages, this is easy to manage and decide about the backpack. Everyone wants to have a good backpack with some awesome advantages. The advantages of the backpack that are bellowed:

  • The backpack provides you a large compartment for keeping your things. You will also a bottom small pocket zipper for carrying the important accessories of your baby like diapers or dress and others.
  • The backpack design is perfect for carrying your baby safely. The area is fully padded in order to make it suitable for the babies. Moreover, this will always provide you a good space so that your baby can relax and seat. Moreover, the ventilated design is perfect for the baby because the mesh pocket ensures breathability of your baby in the summer season.
  • You will get adjustable fly-on-the-fly hip belt to make is suitable for you.
  • Don’t forget that the baby carrier hiking backpack also provides you a hood option for protecting your baby from dangerous UV ray of sunlight.
  • This is a good backpack with strong aluminum frame. Therefore, the backpack will never lose its shape.
  • You will get adjustable and padded shoulder straps that make it comfortable to carry.


There are some negative aspects of the backpack for carry carrier. Therefore, you should know the aspects so that you can make final decision very easily.

  • The size of the mobile phone pocket is not big enough for keeping the large smart phone. Therefore, the pocket will help you if you are using a large smart phone or tablet.
  • You will not get the storage space on the bottom of the backpack if you use the backpack on kickstand. Therefore, you have to compromise the bottom storage space too!


Question-1: Is there any integrated sun hood?

Answer: Yes. The hood will keep the baby free from sunlight in the summer seasons.

Question-2: Is it foldable design to pack it perfectly?

Answer: No. The backpack is not foldable to pack it in the suitcase.

Question-3: Is the backpack is enough ventilated?

Answer: Yes, this is a well-designed ventilated design for keeping the backpack in the summer season.


By the time, the baby hiking backpack review has provided you detailed information about it. Therefore, you may not need any further information in order to take the decision. For that reason, you can make the final decision whether you should purchase it or not. Just go with the backpack and keep your baby safe in the hiking days. You will always get long time support and enjoy outdoor activities.


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