How To Get Skilled In The Art of Knife Throwing

Throwing a knife looks like a simple action. Grab a knife and throw it directly to your target. It also applies to other activities, such as gun shooting, archery, shooting the ball, batting the ball or even bowling and snooker. Sounds really simple, right? But hitting an object or a target is not that easy. It takes time and patience to learn a particular skill. And then, if you do not have the will and determination to learn the skill, then it would be very difficult for you to be good at it. Another thing, just to remind you. Knife throwing is an Art and you may use it as a defence mechanism, but not a skill learned to hurt other people.

It differs from a tactical knife. If you want to know more details see this article.

How to throw a knife

The first thing that you need to know is about how you are going to throw a knife. You are not going to grab or hold a knife and simply throw at your target. You need to set some focus and concentrate on hitting the target. If you do not know how to focus only on your target, then you may end up hurting somebody, which is one thing that you must avoid.

First, you need to set up your throwing space. Make sure that nobody is near your target. It is not a good idea to have someone very close to your target. Now, prepare your knife and choose the one that you need. You may use a knife with a heavy blade, heavy handle and balanced knife. If you are just new in learning this skill, then it would be best to choose a balanced knife.

Second, you have to grip your balanced knife with your leading hand. Be careful not to hurt yourself with the knife. Various types of gripping.

  • Hammer Grip

You have to grip the knife’s handle so, if you are gripping a hammer, where your fingers wrap the handle and your thumb on top of the handle.

  • A Pinch Grip comes requires you to grip the blade and the handle is pointed away from you. Your thumb placed on one side of the blade, the 3 fingers on the other side and your pinky finger hanging without touching the edge and the point.

Third, you have to know the angle and distance. If you are at a Close range, then you have to bend your wrist backwards moving toward the forearm. If you are at a Medium Range, then you have to bend your wrist slightly moving backwards and towards your forearm. If you are in a Long Range, then do not bend your wrist.

Fourth, make a stance. Give your dominant leg your weight and then, in front is your foot without weight on it. Raise your leading arm forward, making it upright in the ground and elbow bent. This will allow the knife to be thrown along the head side with a distance from your head.

Fifth, you are now ready to swing your knife. This is not a baseball game, so do not think throwing that knife like a ball. You have to make a forward turn by shifting the weight of the dominant leg to the other one. Your forearm must also swing onward from your elbow.

Sixth, face your target and then, you may release the knife. Let the knife slip away from your grip into the air and hitting your target without too much force.

Practising your Skills

After learning the basics of throwing a knife, you have to start practicing your moves. Practice your proper gripping, leg, foot and forearm positions. And then, sway without releasing the knife. Keep on swaying until you get used to swaying the knife. Of course, hit your target. You just have to repeat the basic steps until such time that your skill upgrades.

Mastery of the Skills

After learning the basics of throwing a knife, after a period of time spent in practising. Sooner or later you can be a master of throwing knives. If you already mastered throwing a particular type of knife, then you may also learn to throw the other types. You will later on see that your skill varies, depending on the type of knife or blade you are throwing.

Rico is very interested in watching magic tricks that have something to do with throwing knives. He finds it amazing. So, he had decided to buy his own knives and started learning how to throw a knife. His interest, will and determination to learn pushed him to practice, until he mastered the skill needed.”


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