Equipments To Be Used While Going For The Camping Trip

he Trekkers need a specific kind of equipment during their camping trips, outdoor trips, hiking out and backpacking trips. There are various specific kinds of gears present in the market that the backpacker needs while they are trekking out. There are various factors on that the selection of the gears depends. The main factor is the duration and the location of the trekking trip. The travel duration and distance is an important factor to be considered while selecting the gears.

backpacking gear

Below mentioned are the basic options of the equipment for the effective protection and the shelter. There are high performance tents in the shelter. These are very effective as a shelter when you are outside home and staying outdoors. There are various types of tents available in the outdoor stores. These tents are very cozy if combined with the complete sleep system, then it gets very comfortable. These tents can be used in any season. They protect the Trekker from the challenging weather outside the tent. There is a backpacking stove that is carried during the trip.

The hikers who sleep under the stars can sleep on the wool blanket. They can also opt for the sleeping bag. There are many kinds of sleeping bags available. If you are sleeping outside tent, then you get the bag with extra protection. There is an extra bag liner for the protection. For a tropical rain forest there is jungle shelter or the bivouac shelter available that some hikers get to the trekking camp. There are campers who would like to sleep in the hammocks. This provides the comfort to the Trekkers.

How to carry, store and source the potable water during camping

The water that is found in the jungle during trekking is mostly undrinkable. It is not possible to quench your thirst with such water. It is mandatory for the campers to ensure that there is potable safe drinking water. It is extremely necessary to carry drinking water during trekking. On an average a normal person consumes two to four liters of drinking water during the outdoor camping. You need to check the weight of the drinking water you will be carrying. Generally, one litters water weight is one kilogram. You also need to search the natural drinking source on the trek, especially in the arid areas you should know the location of the natural water availability. If you are a beginner then opt for the trails that have the natural drinking water source. You must search about the water availability before you plan for the trekking trip.

There is another alternative the Trekker can opt for. You can carry the water filter along with you. It may create a weight in your backpack, but it is always better to carry it. If there is water shortage then you can easily filter the water to make it safe for drinking. This water filter will save you from carrying the extra water. The weight can be saved that will be increased from the water bottles. Water bottles are the safe option but they can be exhausted during the trip. Use the filter during the adventure trip.


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