Choose The Best Fitting Motorcycle Helmet

For a true rider, looking for the best motorcycle helmet becomes much more important because it provides your head an entire protection, but it also highlights his personality. Above all, the vital role of a helmet is to offer the safety. Every motorcyclists has to acknowledge that the extent of injuries from a small crash could be life threatening. That is why most recommend that you should not buy a motorcycle helmet with only the appearance and price in mind. A good advice is to choose the one that best fitting and most highly rated that you can afford.

The first step in any purchase is to do your research. You can search on the Internet and locate several perspective helmet styles that most interest you. There are three major types of motorcycle helmets currently on the market, including full-face coverage, open face and half helmets. The first mentioned one is most well-known for its greatest protection of your head, chin and eyes, while the two others could offer the less level of protection when riding.

Then you will determine your helmet fit according to a head circumference measurement. Here are some essential aspects in order for you to select the correct motorcycle helmet.

  1. Shape

Many helmet size guides start the buyers with finding a helmet by first measuring their helmet size, but a far more important factor to consider is determining helmet shape. The shape of a helmet depends on the rider’s head shape. Below is depiction of human head shapes that is pictured from front or back of the head.

  • Oval – normally called Long Oval. With this shape, the head is longer front-to-back (from forehead to back of the skull) than side-to-side (from ear to ear).
  • Round – this head shape is almost identical front-to-back as well as side-to-side measurement.
  • Egg – or Intermediate Oval, the egg-shaped head is usually broader at the top and smaller at the bottom.

Helmet manufacturers on the current market offer two types of helmet’s internal shape for different tastes of purchasers: lower end helmets and higher end helmets, with the former known for a generic shape that can fit almost all of the wearers, and the latter is specifically designed to fit specified head shapes.

  1. Size

Measuring your head is rather easy, and you can totally do this at home with a cloth tape. Holding the tape measure, you wrap it around the crown of the head just above your ears and about one inch above the eyebrows. Almost of all the helmet producers utilize centimeters for helmet measurements, and often mark as S, M, L and XL. Here is an example of a helmet size chart.

The helmet size measurement may correspond to a particular size of the model range that you’re interest in. This will be a good starting point in order for you to choose a particular brand or model.

  1. Helmet fit

Now you pick a new helmet and try wearing it. It can be slightly tight until it is in place correctly, but not too restrictive to cause any pain. It should never be large enough to easily turn from side to side because when you are on riding, it could move up and down on your head, intentionally leading to a crash.

It is advisable when trying on a new helmet, you should:

  • Put on and hold the helmet by the chinstraps. It should be a bit tight when it goes on over the head.
  • Put your finger between the helmet interior and your head. If it easily fits, you may want to try a smaller size.
  • Hold it steady, and then push it up and down, side to side. A correct helmet should be sit on just above the eyebrows and cause no trouble in peripheral vision to see around.

You’ve better wear the helmet for 5-10 minutes around the store to see if it remains comfortable. If any hotspots exist, it may be too tight and another size or style might be necessary for you.


Looking for a proper fitting helmet could be time consuming. For your protection, however, a motorcycle helmet is still a worth investment, no matter what its price. Carefully consider your choices before you finally get the model that can fit you the best.


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