The best spinning reel for fishing

Many people are engaging themselves in fishing. They find this as a hobby and a productive activity outdoors. These people would love to live in countryside areas, so that they can be closer to the lakes, bays, rivers or oceans. In such ways, they do not need to travel far just to go out and enjoy fishing.

With this kind of activity, you surely have your own boats, fishing gears and of course, various fishing reels. Today, you cannot find these people using the classic styles of fishing rods. The way of fishing has upgraded and indeed more advanced. This is for you to catch fish with ease and confidence.

Things to consider in a spinning reel

One of the things that you have to consider when it comes to your fishing equipment is the use of spinning reels.


The weight of the reel will depend on the materials used. If you go for a spinning reel under 100, then it manufacturers will use materials that will cost less. Anyway, heavy reels are also good. But, if you are going to consider your wrist, pulling a heavy reel for a long time, then you might gladly feel better with lighter spinning reels.


Cheaper spinning reels, normally have only one braided spool. If you will go for a more expensive spinning reel, then you may have some spares of braided spool ready.


When considering a cheaper spinning reel, it comes with unsealed drags. The smoothness of fishing will not be affected, especially if you keep it clean after use.

Spinning Reel under 100 Reviews

We have here a list of the spinning reel reviews under 100 dollars with specifications and features.

On top is the Abu Garcia Orra 2S30. It comes with a weight of 8.6 oz., at 12 lbs. drag, 33” takeup and 6 HPCR ball bearings. It is also designed with an IM-C6 frame, rocket line and spool lip management system, Carbon matrix drag system, 8 lb fluorocarbon and 15 lb braided line.

Next, we have the Pflueger President 6900. It comes with a weight of 8.3 oz., at 9 lbs. drag, 25.2” takeup and 7 bearings. It is also designed with a lightweight material, solid reels, 5 reel sizes, graphite body material, stainless steel shaft and component, anodized aluminum spool, on and off anti-reverse reels, stainless steel ball bearings and sure-click bail. Ideal for trout fishing, carp, walleye, bass and steelhead.


And then, we have the Mitchell 300 Pro. It comes with a weight of 9.0 oz., at 14 lbs. drag, 30.5” takeup and 9 bearings. It is designed with composite body material, lightweight, 5.8:1 gear ratio, carbon fiber drag, steel washer stacks system and braid ready spool. Ideal for bass fishing, inshore species, bluegill, crappie and walleye.

You may also consider the Okuma Trio 30S and the Shimano Spirex RG. The Okuma Trio 30S comes with a weight of 10.4 oz., at 18 lbs. drag, 30” takeup and 9 bearings. The Shimano Spirex RG comes with a weight of 11.3 oz., at 7 lbs. drag, 33” takeup and 5 bearings.

Those are the options for the best spinning reel under 100. Always remember that when finding a spinning reel to use, it is not very important to buy the most expensive reels. What you need is to find a cheaper spinning reel with a good quality. It is important to be light, so that your wrist won’t suffer from heavy spinning reels. It is also important for you to choose a spinning reel with corrosion-resistant or rust-resistant materials. Lastly, keep your reels clean after using and store in a secured place.



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