The best lawn mower oil filter

Why do you need to do maintenance for lawn mower

Not too long ago, lawn work has been looked at as strictly a mans job. Well maybe because before it needs to have a strong pair of hands and Hercules strength to pull the cord and crank it up just to start. Some takes about 10 to 15 times before the machine runs.

Those days are over cause nowadays lawn mower manufacturers have designed their models much more convenient to use. They have into a tool that even a girl can handle. Even doing maintenance of the lawn mower can easily be done by girls without too much effort.

The best lawn mower oil filter


Petrol powered lawn mowers just like the engine of an automobile runs using fuel. It heats up the fuel to create energy. The engine uses filtration process wherein all the oil that needs to go to the engine will pass through the filter first. It means the oil filter is the primary defense line to the crankshaft of the engine and cam bearings. The purpose of the oil filter is to remove unwanted solids to enter in to the system like metal particles, carbon, dirt, grimes, and sands. Those entrants may cause damage to the cylinder wall surfaces, journals, bearings once they reach the engine. The oil filter filtrates and absorbs against premature wear and tear as well as abrasion to the engine.

Over a period of time, the oil filter accumulates a lot of trapped dirt in it, until it is totally blocked or obstructed. Always remember that you should by all means change the filter before it reaches that point so that you can avoid having the engine plugged or damaged. The positive and negative news about this about this is that oil filters were made to prevent from epic failure because of lack of lubrication, they have designed it to have a bypass valve that allows the oil to enter through minus the dirt as soon as it reaches the filtration capacity. This prevents lack of lubrication & permits dirt to enter that causes the engine to be damaged faster.

I have taken the liberty to list down some of the best lawn mower oil filter out in the market.

  • Kohler CV 22 Replacement Oil Filters
  • This oil filter can be bought online in Amazon, Ebay, K&N online Stores and many others
  • Features of the Kohler CV22 oil filters are
  • It is best for conventional, synthetic oil or blended oils
  • For heavy duty construction
  • High oil flow rate
  • It is designed for the protection of the Kohler CV22 engines
  • Excellent oil filtration capability
  • Kawasaki oil Filter
  • This oil filter can be bought almost anywhere. Online or at your local store.
  • Benefits of using this oil filter
  • Kawasaki filters are engineered specifically for liquid cooled engines, constant speed air cooled engines protection and for optimum flow.
  • It has a rubber seal, robust silicone valve & to maintain the integrity of the filter when exposed to severe use and high temperature they used a very heavy canister as a body.
  • Best filter media for superb protection to trap contaminants that may harm the engine
  • The integrated pressure activated bypass valve helps maintain oil flow to prevent cold start wear and in case of blocked filter
  • John Deere Engine Oil Filters
  • This oil filter can be bought online in eBay, Amazon, Walmart and other online stores or directly from its website
  • This oil filter is one of the most well reviewed oil filter in eBay and Amazon
  • This oil filter keeps your engine run smoothly.
  • Like other oil filters, it filtrates the oil before passing through the engine to prevent it from damages caused by dirt, sand, grime, and metal particles
  • John Deere AM125424 Oil Filter Replaces LG4153, AM119567, M139118, GY20577 and LG492932S Filters
  • This oil filters fits many types of engines which included 24 HP Kawasaki engines.


Oil filters costs around 10 dollars, but it is always best to change it with every change oil to avoid worse case scenario. A little less than 10 bucks is worth every penny when you have a good reliable motor to do your lawn work. Instead of no maintaining your machine, eventually it will heat up and die. You might have to spend more by having it fixed or buying a new one instead of just doing a regular maintenance check.

If you take care of your machine, lawn mowing will not be a hard chore and you might even see it to be fun. Keeping a reliable lawn mower will not only make your yard work easier but it will make your garden so much prettier.

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